Technicolour Dreams 2  


Director - Rabijita Gogoi

Venue – Periferry (M.V. Chandardinga, parked near sukleshwar ghat)
Date – 22nd October 2009
Time – 6 pm

Technicolour Dreams2 is a Musical play sketching contemporary Nagaland on stage addressing identical questions of the people living in that particular geographical terrain. Approaching to tell the tale of contemporary Nagaland, Technicolour Dreams2 weaves few personnel history along with documents and informations of civil uprisings, movements, underground identical movements yarning for self determination. The personnel histories about up bringing, at academic institutions, friends and families, generations, ethnic connections and lost will be juxtaposed with it.

The Naga society itself is in a nature of multiplicity (Multiple dialects and culture).Again, everyday new elements are entering into the society with different intension (not harmful always).Critical identical questions are raised again and again. The different fractions in this thought serve as reminder that we need something, commonly said it is to be peace and unity. Apart from that AIDS, corruption, communication, Drugs, human rights are few of other critical areas needing attention. An unseen terror flows in the breaths and so that the actions are large. Thoughts are fragmented, ideas are fragmented and the story is fragmented. The play in a non linear story telling pattern, tells a tale with personnel touches of the Artists.

Director’s note

This Musical play is an attempt to unveil significant social distress of Nagaland at times satirically and occasionally it goes towards absurdity. The play is evolved on the context of conflict background of North East India and the text is developed during rehearsal.  The play, created with Young minds of Nagaland, weaves various segments of their imaginings about Naga society in Present-past-future. To address a story of social disorder by large, a fragmented narrative pattern is adopted to tell the tale.

My interest on ethnicity, power, identity, self-governance, self determination movements and anthropology take me closer to Nagaland. There are sixteen major clans of Nagas in Nagaland with their different cultures, believes, faiths, rituals and dialects. The beauty of this unique diversity gets disturbed often by series of internal conflicts as well outer. Since Indian independence in 1947, various movements are taking place questioning on existence of Naga identity sometime violently and sometime non- violently. The treat to their identity caused by numerous reasons lead them to insecurity and out of the insecurity who knows what’s’ not happening. And now India’s northeast is known as trouble tone area since many question rises on complicated socio-political and economical contexts. So, here we- me and my artists are trying to redefine and understand the identity politics, conflict, land, people, culture, diversity and its future.


Dreamz unlimited is a theatre group formed after an intensive theatre workshop conducted by National School of Drama in collaboration with North east Zonal Cultural Centre in 2008.Dreamz unlimited has the zeal, aspiration and trust at young youths to bring a better tomorrow to the land. It also aims at bringing local talents into the theatre scenario as the Naga youths are too gifted actors. So, they aims at empowering the youths to express their thoughts through theatre.

Technicolour Dreams is their first theatre production created in 2008. It is a conceptual work and performed at least fifteen shows exclusively within Nagaland and eight shows in respectable theatre venues and festivals importantly at Mumbai, New Delhi, Sikkim and Tripura within last one year. Their other productions are third eye directed by Bendubg Temsu walling and Scapin-the Scroundrel in 2009.


Over the past fifteen years of Jirsong Theatre’s existence in the field of theatre, they have producer, presented at least twenty plays in various languages of North East India since 1995.

Some of their major play productions are Debi Peether Tez which was scripted, designed and directed by Rabijita Gogoi based on a novel by Jnanpith Award winner, Dr. Mamoni Raisom Goswami in 2000; Rongpharpi Rongbe a Karbi play, scripted by Basanta Das in 2001; Mrytyur Dath Cha (Dark Shadow of Death) a play based on J.M. Synge's ‘The Riders to the Sea’ in 2002; Harold Pinter's English play 'The Dumb Waiter' in Hindi in Delhi in 1999; French playwright Marguerite Duras's ‘La Musica’ in Assamese titled Nikhar Ragini in 1999; her own play Toru Debi, Mrs Choudhary, Ma, Jamuua and Gabharu in 2001 , Gaatha – the 1st text in  2003, Jatra Subha Houk in 2004 ,Neuta Nirman in 2005. These plays are directed by Rabijita Gogoi and Mrinal Jyoti Goswami m, Rajai Hukum Diche in 2006 etc. The group has performed at Kolkata, New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Bijoy Warda, Tripura, Shillong, Mumbai etc attending various theatre festivals.


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