International Residency 2008
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Parismita Singh
Parismita is a comic book artist, currently working on a graphic novel, Hotel at the End of the World (provisional title), slated for a 2008 release with Penguin India. She is also working on a comic book series for a company that works with English Language programs.

PROJECT - "The adventures of Tejimola and Sati Beula", a 32 page comic book developed in the residency in English and translated into Assamese

Pauliina Salminen and Andrés Jaschek

Pauliina Salminen was born 1975 in Finland. She studied film and video at Turku School of art and communication.
Andrés Jaschek was born in Argentina in 1977. He studied in the Arts Academy of La Plata, Argentina.
Both artists decided to continue their studies in Marseilles, France, in 2000. After that, they both directed documentary films and did video installations. When they met in 2004, they found out their work had many things in common, such as exploring the realms of film and contemporary art, as well as dealing with themes like identity, boundaries, urban environment and its problematics. Their first work together was a video installation The land in the middle/La terre du milieu in 2005, and their most recent one is 2x 3 borders (2006-2007), a communitarian project and installation.

PROJECT - Andrés Jaschek - "On my way", site specific video installation
7 minutes (loop)A line of people on their way to somewhere, as if seen from a moving ferry's window.
They are just a line in the middle of the landscape. Suddenly the ferry stops but the movement continues. Who is moving?

Pauliina Salminen - A ten-minute boat trip connects two banks of the Brahmaputra river, two sides of Guwahati: the city and the village. Which side is the other side?Looking for landmarks (On my way 2)This video is made of snapshots taken on different days on my daily bus trip in Guwahati, combined with a text describing the feeling of being disorientated in a foreign city and trying to figure out the unknown environment

Syeda Farhana

Syeda Farhana, photographer, writer and film maker, was born in Khulna, Bangladesh in 1972. She works and lives in Dhaka. She has studied social welfare, anthropology and photography. After working as a social researcher Farhana wanted to do something creative. While working on a film production she fell in love with the camera. She has been working as a freelance photographer since 2000 focusing on migration, gender and urban life. She has exhibited her work in Dhaka, Delhi, Berlin, Stuttgard and Amsterdam. She has undertaken art residencies in Khoj Art International and Sarai Media Collective in Delhi, and Vasl Art International in Karachi.

PROJECT - "Green Guwahati", a photography ,sound and video installation. She made a shop for selling digital photo on beauty of Brahamaputra Outside of her shop she made a bill board with advertisements which shows lives of working class of the city and how the city has been changing. In her shop there are songs playing on which collected from city’s working class.

Mahardika Yudha

Mahardika Yudha was born in Jakarta, January 23, 1981. From 1993 to 005 he worked at home typing off manuscripts for publishers. He had worked as a worker in the automotive industry, where he worked for two years. In 2003, he co-founded the Forum Lenteng community. He now works and lives in jakarta as a researcher.http://www.jurnalfootage.net/web/en/artikel/80-saya-dan-periferry-10.html

PROJECTS - “Purusha” a 51 mins video on the river Brahamaputra and its variious aspect.

Bruce Allan

Education: Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, Wiltshire.
Bruce Allan lives in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK. He is an associate and former
Advisory Board Member of Braziers International Artists’ Workshop, Trustee and Deputy
Chair at Kingsgate Workshops Trust and Gallery, London and a founder member of Artspace
Bristol and Bristol Sculpture Shed, now Spike Island.
Bruce has exhibited widely in Britain and abroad with particular links being made with Georgia
and Armenia in the Caucasus.

PROJECTS - 1. "Repository (for One Two)" photographic installation
2. "Your white complexion"

Desire Machine Collective
Sonal Jain was born in 1975 in Shillong, India. 1999-2002, Faculty - Photography & Communication
Design, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. 1998 Bachelor in Fine
arts at MS University, Baroda, India.

PROJECT - Desire Machine Collective - Sonal Jain - "Bhotbhati Tales" a community project in video with the Bhotbhoti (small boats, that ferry people to and from North-South Guwahati.) boatmen. In the daily commute in the Bhotbhoti conversations with the boatmen about what they would like to make a film on, what the source of Brahamaputra is? And other things.

Desire Machine Collective - Mriganka Madhukaillya - "Layers of night", a sound installation. The next stage is a plan to set up a media lab on the ferry- MV Chandradinga. “you cannot step twice in the same river”, Plato’s interpretation of Heraclitus. Change is the only constant at the Media-Lab and so the immediate site and location of the Media-Lab is a ferry on the river Bramahaputra with creates an important and historical network for constant flow and fluxes of people, goods, ideas. In a context of fluxes and movement, the digital technology and network emerge as the ideal medium for exploring the same.


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