Two Rivers at Periferry, Symposium I 27th &28th of February 2009
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The Two Rivers Symposium at Periferry was a second in a series of symposiums being held in order to develop the Brahmaputra-Thames project. This brought together a cross section of artists, specialists and researchers to examine collaborative, context based arts practice and how these relate to transnational issues in the context of Assam and the region. The two rivers acted as geographical motifs for examining interpretations of difference, with participants offering perspectives from the arts, social and natural sciences and creative and industrial practice.

The Two Rivers symposium provided a valuable broad based network from which new projects can be launched. One of the first of these, starting in 2009, will be a series of artist’s placements and exchanges linking the River Thames and the Brahmaputra River in north-east India.  Rivers and waterways physically, socially and metaphorically describe and penetrate issues of nationality, borders, identity and migration that are sharply etched in today’s political climate. These themes will be visited and explored through artist-led research and practice during the project and through future placements and projects under the Two Rivers programme.



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