Periferry Jam I 2008    

Periferry Jam - Session 1 I 26 April 2008

at M.V Chandardinga

Jam session on the ferry. First Periferry jam session kick started with musicians from various bands who played different instruments and different sound. The sound of this jam contributed to the idea of building an alternate sound space in the city to celebrate the experimentation.List of musicians and sound professionals include

Hridoy Goswami, Ambar Das, Anup Phukan,  Joshua Queah, Uzzal, Krishna, Deepu and Tarique

Periferry Jam - Session 2 I 26 May 2008

at M.V Chandardinga

Band of Brothers

It is fusion band and a musical collaboration between musicians and instruments. exploring the sounds of a fusion between folk and electric sound of instruments. Folk instruments like  bhoor taal, duitara, flute with electronic instruments like Vibrophone, guitar etc.

The members of the band are Amber Das on the drums and percussion, Ralf Kemphuif on the Vibrophone, Deepak Sarma on the flute, Nitul Goswami on the Tabla & Percussion, Pankaj Bora on the Duitara  and percussion, Depajyoti Goswami on the guitar and vocals, Biswajeet Haloi on the keyboard and Papu Gogoi on the bass guitar.


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