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Interrogating the Concept of Everyday: A Public Art Project in Guwahati I LINK

In this essay on an interesting public art initiative that happened in Guwahati, Assam, art writer Rikimi Madhukaillya is continuing her enquiry into the contemporary art scenario of the North-Eastern States of the country, which has been witnessing a series of vibrant cultural activities braving the turbulent political scenario prevailing over there.


Periferry: The possible Cultural centre (hub) of the periphery I LINK

Part of an ongoing project to document the contemporary art scenario of the North-Eastern region of India, art writer Rikimi Madhukaillya presents a profile of ‘Periferry,’ the experimental project taking place on board a ferry moored on the river Brahmaputra in Guwahatti, Assam


Articulating Peripheries in a Ferry I LINK

Adim Phukan gives a conceptual introduction of the project.
One of the chief premises of Deconstructive thought is to address hidden imbalances in concepts especially of binary oppositions in our thoughts/culture/approach....


Art Along the Green Valleys I LINK
Art writer Rikimi Madhukaillya provides an overview into the contemporary art scene in Assam and the art activities taking place in spite of the political tumult in the land of the green valleys.



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