Desire Machine Collective was founded by Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya.

Desire Machine Collective is an autonomous, non-profit, artist led organization based in the Northeast of India. It is a a nomadic enterprise constantly adrift (on a ferry), yet fraught with the capacity to encourage the imaginary and which resists standardization and hierarchies.

Desire Machine Collective attempts to move beyond the centre-periphery, global-local and national–subnational dialectics into a third space. From where it can reexamine and renegotiate with the local and its role and place within the contemporary context of Globalization.
Desire Machine Collective is committed to work in collaboration with different communities, use intervention as a tool for collaborative work in local spaces. and work with interdisciplinary mediums, act as facilitators for fostering public debate and critical reflection and incubating experimental initiatives. link...



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