Open Studio Day, Residency  


Venue – Periferry (M.V. Chandardinga, docked near sukleshwar ghat)
Date – 24 November 2009
Time – 6 pm

Isabelle Rouquette

The climate is one of the components that create and environment and the moment when we get a sense of this is when the blue and yellow become green, but also indigo, turquoise, emerald green and saffron. In the project 'Tidal Bore' I intend to create a framework that mixes acoustic qualities recorded in India with visual ones registered in Finland in order to pose the problem of the author. This work allows me to study the right of the author and to raise the question of authorship in the globalization of industrial societies, that has as a consequence a new hostility in our environment of life.


The emergence of the contemporary artistic scene in India has also produced these divergent, alternative spaces. To be the author of one's own encounters is less to give birth to 'originality' than to search for ingredients that distinguish the other. It is on this terrain that I would like to confront myself by two speculative processes, the capturing of sound and drawing, in order to avoid compromise with the image. Hearing is an adaptation to the fear caused by the gradual spreading of blindness in the night, says Nietzsche. This fear of the night invaded me during my first contact with India, but the experience also triggered creative processes. The portrait is the best way to beging.

My project is neither about turning the human into a zone of experimentation, any more than the animals or any other living creature,  nor to develop a museal-scientific spirit. On the contrary, it wants to sow the sounds by creating the experience of the environment, including especially in this context, the boat as partaking of the singularities, from the perspective of 'contaminating' (in the good sense of the word) the other and the other of the future. The rapport between the West and the Indian society is realized through tourism. The wild exploitation is bilateral. To get out of this system, we must construct other bridges that are capable of multiplying the spaces that will produce other urgent ways of thinking the globalizing world.

Through the abstract drawings made from organic elements, like herbs, flowers etc. I contribute to the emancipation of the artistic practice of the consequences of museification and I also attach myself to the living in the sense of the fetish.

I would like to do a first presentation towards the end of my residency, starting with a first divide and first mixture presenting an acoustic environment of 2X3 or 2X4 different sources (depending on the material possibilities) thrown out in as many directions that form concentric circles like a stone in the water.

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