River Studies 2011 - Brahmaputra, a project by Michael Aschauer


Hand drawn map of the river Brahamaputra

Found from Cabin Master of the M.V. Chandardinga, (map of the section of the river route across many channels from India to Bangladesh)

This was collected from one of the cabin master of the M.V. Chandardinga, the vessel on which Periferry has been housed since its inception in 2007. M.V. Chandardinga has sailed several times along this route to ferry people and goods to Bangladesh


Other Possible Worlds - Proposals on this Side of Utopia, Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V.

Which roles can art projects, art spaces, self-organized academies and labs play in developing conceptions of the world that go beyond purely economic globalization? Projects from various parts of the world are invited to propose and test out other realities of life and world views, from small artistic attempts to social experimentation. Topics such as dealing with cultural differences, climate change, processes of levelling out and confusing complexities form the basis for a common space in which to rise questions.

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Recent Events

A site-specific installation by Indrani Baruah

An exploration of form reflective of a culture and people. Forms of time and origins. Unlike forms of classical modernism, a unique visual language common to this region in India and beyond in Southeast Asia. Complex forms, feminine and sinuous, that tell a story beyond material and craft.

River Studies 2011 - Brahmaputra I Jan, 2012 link...

a project by Michael Aschauer

river study

River Studies is an ongoing long-term artistic research project about exploring the relationship ofrivers and its people, rivers and its transforming cultural landscape, rivers and their function as carrierof cultural landscapes and identities. It utilizes custom, combined and unique methods in digitalphotography, data visualization, cartography and cultural mapping.Rivers are natural waterways and lifelines of cultures. Their historical and contemporary roles arediverse and ambivalent. Rivers are connecting as well as bordering. Rivers are deployed as routes fortrade and as routes of military actions, some are place of religious worships, others reduced to purelyeconomical resources and shipping of goods. Rivers play an important role in every culture and nationaround them - their basins give water and therefor life to its inhabiting people. As different all of theirdetailed functions and roles may be, they serve perfectly as a given cross-line through continents,cultures and peoples.

Riversides are as much a cultural as geographical landscape. How much of it is reflected by itsappearance? Some differences are inevitable: urban and rural areas, change of vegetations, the numberof barrages and power plants, but there are more gradual and subtle differences to discover andexplore. River Studies is a structured study of the time and space, that seeks to depict this natural given cross-and lifelines into a new visual system. A custom developed digital line-scan method as the mainrecording process renders the riversides into (virtually endless) panoramic images - connected to itslocation data retrieved via GPS. The gathering of additional environmental data through sensors (iffeasible) or further collaborations, combined with maps and public domain satellite imaginary results inan artistic typology of river landscapes in printed an on-line versions.

Past Events
ART + PUBLIC I March 2010 read more

Interrogating Everyday

The project nterrogates the concept of everyday through the prism of different practices of the participants. Through of art interventions in various public places around Guwahati, the workshop attempts to test the constellation of everyday within the  critical imaginary of public art discourse

periferry@spree I October 2010 read more

Location: Barge “MS Stralau”, Berlin

In an attempt to deterritorialize the project Periferry (2007–), an alternative artist-led space and residency program situated on a ferry docked on the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati, India, the artists recreated another temporary laboratory in flux in Berlin

CAMERA PRAXIS I April to November 2010 read more

Video of my Native by Dorendra Singh I Location - Manipuri Basti, Guwahati

Trying to come to terms with concept of identity, nationality, fact and fiction, Dorendra Singh, a young artist from the northeast India, initiated this project - a series of film screenings, video workshop and discussions

CEMA PAAR @periferry I November 2010 read more

Crossing the edge

Engaging with the concept of pedagogy as medium, Periferry conducted several experiments in terms of workshops, seminar and other forms to test the "pedagogical turn ". In this context, our first event CEMA PAAR @periferry was organized in Guwahati in November 2010, at Periferry, and in Shillong at Sikkim Manipal University, Shillong Centre

Body Water and A Slow Flow I December ‘09 - February ‘10 read more

Christina Stadlbauer (Austria/Belgium) and Bartaku (Belgium), were at Periferry for a residency program

Body Water - opening the archives - Christina Stadlbauer
A wrap up of investigations in kitchens, gardens, buses and paths of Assam crystallizes in a periferal archive of Assamese knowledge compiled from everyday medicine in everyday life; Body Water is accessible via tea-talking, singing the plants and interactive cooking, aided by flowerpots, gamuchas and water visuals

A Slow Flow - Bartaku
Micro-interventions, workshops cum experiments fused by the exposure to The Periferry, icon of the petrol era, The Zoo cum hidden Botanical Garden, The Misrepresentation of the Gandhi Mandap, The Wild Edible Power Plants from Assam, North-and South-Bank Knowledge and The Brahmaputra with the strongest –well hidden- flow. Part of the artistic research project PhoEf: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect

body water

slow flow

"Shifting Anchors: Floating Memories" I 30 Dec', 2009 read more

Artist - Sanchayan Ghosh

This project is about exploring the transforming relationship of a river and a city in relationship to Brahmaputra and Guwahati.This is a research and documentation based interactive project will try to locate the different forms of economic and cultural transactions that happen with the river Brahmaputra as a host, and in the floating space between labour and economy, migration and identity, industry and culture in relation to the stranded ferries of Brahmaputra and the life on the river bank

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